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[The post below was written by students Ian C., Natalie T. Z., and Brian H.]

    Enhancing human capitol (through education) and strengthening social values and institutions (like trust and behavioral norms) are important tools to increase the resilience of social systems and improve governance. (Intergovernmental panel on climate change, 2000)

Sustainability simply means being able to sustain something for some period of time. When we speak of sustainability, what we aim to sustain are those things which are required for humanity to thrive. The three pillars of sustainable development have been defined as economy, ecology, and equity. Of those three, equity seems to be furthest from the spotlight. While protecting rainforests and wetlands can be the first thought that comes to mind when the concept of sustainability is raised, developing social justice and sustainability could have a greater impact on the ability of future generations to thrive. Stable social environments are a crucial building block in developing sustainable growth, Oluf Langhelle reinforces this concept saying “the environment does not exist as a sphere separate from human actions, ambitions, and needs” (Langhelle, 131).


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Beginning with the Fall 2010 quarter, I’m trying a new exercise with my students. The previous two quarters I’ve taken highlights of student reading responses and, from these highlights, created blog posts. The two primary reasons I wanted to do this were to make student insights and questions available to the broader public; I also wanted to disseminate some of my replies to individual student work to the whole class, rather than have my replies be just a dialogue between the individual student and I.

Examples of these posts include:

This quarter, I thought it would be more engaging & thought-provoking to both students and the community if the students wrote the blog posts themselves, based upon their own understanding and interpretation of the readings. This week, I’ll post the first round of student blog posts. Stay tuned!

** Update Oct. 12, 2010**
The three posts are:

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