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A former student alerted me to the ongoing 2010 Aspen Environment Forum, July 25-28. The forum this year is in conjunction with National Geographic and is themed “Bridges to Sustainability: People, Planet, Possibility.” The forum will “present discussions on sustainability as the global human population continues to rise” and explore the “shifts in thinking and imagination that will be required to rise to the awesome challenge, from ways of reorganizing urban ecosystems, to preserving biodiversity and providing a stable climate, clean air, clean water and food for a growing global population.” Participants include “energy experts, government and business leaders, writers and photographers, and other knowledgeable and committed voices in the field,” who will discuss “innovation and technology, urban ecosystems, biodiversity, population, conservation.”

Here is the forum’s twitter feed, and here is the forum’s Facebook.

I look forward to making use of the resources available through the forum’s website in the coming weeks and months, and welcome any relevant comments below related to this event and its repercussions.


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